An unlimited catalogue.

With over fifty years of experience in bending pipes and a wide range of machinery for numerous processes, Eurotubi Europa can internally design and create custom pressfittings according to the customer’s specific needs.

A particular type of T with three different diameters, a non-standard reduction fitting, a crossover with a special shape… It frequently happens that some plant engineering projects require special fittings that are not included in the standard catalogue.  No problem! Once the requirements are identified, Eurotubi technicians design the piece and engineering the manufacturing process. Prototyping, testing… and the product is ready to enter production!

There is already a wide-ranging catalogue of special pieces that includes new shapes or new codes for already existing ones. The catalogue is constantly being updated and can be requested by sending an email to commerciale@eurotubieuropa.it.

Eurotubi Pressfitting System - pezzi speciali