Eurotubi pressfittings were used for the HVAC and low-pressure steam systems in the new “Max Delbrück Center“, a department of the Charité University of Berlin, dedicated to molecular medical research. Let’s take a look at the advantages of pressfittings in creating systems for research institutes.

For hospitals, research centres, and industrial plants, in all installations requiring excellent performance and long life of the systems, AISI 316L steel pressfittings and pipes offer the best guarantees. In fact, this system contains a whole array of winning features such as construction speed and the important qualities of its steel, which are resistance to corrosion and accidental impact along with unsurpassed hygienic characteristics.


Press Fittings installation references science center Berlin


Thanks to its features, 316L stainless steel pressfittings have been selected for creating the systems in the new “Max Delbrück Center“, the prestigious institute of the Charité University of Berlin dedicated to molecular medicine.


Eurotubi pressfittings were used to build the heating and cooling systems fed by a 611 kW power plant, while a 2000 kg/h generator supports the low-pressure steam system.


Pipelines for industrial steam systems


The advantages of using pressfittings for systems inside research institutes


There are many reasons to choose the AISI 316L stainless steel pressfitting system when building plumbing systems inside complexes dedicated to scientific research. We are talking about mechanical qualities, physical characteristics, and, last but not least, practical advantages at an operational level:


  • Mechanical resistance of the fittings to the stress generated by the systems themselves and to any impacts;



  • High degree of hygiene of AISI 316L stainless steel;
  • Construction speed: more than 50% of time saved compared to more traditional technologies;
  • Total absence of open flames: in many environments where flammable materials are present, the use of the pipe welding technique is often prohibited.


Pressfittings Stainless Steel AISI 316L M and V profiles

Max Delbrück Center of Berlin: a cutting-edge research centre for molecular medicine

Completed in 2018, the “Max Delbrück Center” is a complex of three buildings housing workshops, offices, and seminar rooms. It was designed by the “Doranth Post Architekten” studio, and there are two institutes within this structure: the Pathophysiology Laboratory (IPL) and the Experimental Medicine Department (FEM).

The architecture was designed to make full use of the synergies between the two institutes, pooling the supply, disposal, and technical areas of the systems, such as the air conditioning and steam distribution generators.


HVAC Pipeline Systems for Medical Research Centers


The Pathophysiology Laboratory (IPL) is mainly concerned with non-invasive or minimally invasive studies on animals. The Experimental Medicine Department (FEM) researches biological systems, disease development, and the creation of new preventive approaches. Through the synergy between these two departments, new therapies are developed to combat both human and animal diseases.


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