Eurotubi Europa srl

Excellence Made in Italy.

With over 60 years of experience, Eurotubi Europa is constantly growing thanks to innovation and the specialization strategy used to provide maximum quality.

  • Investing in qualified staff and cutting edge technology.
  • Maintain strong flexibility to respond to the specific needs of every single customer.
  • Ensure efficient technical and commercial service.
  • Offer particularly advantageous economic conditions.
  • Flavour everything with a pinch of typically Italian creativity.

This is the recipe that has made Eurotubi Europa a big player among steel pressfitting manufacturers throughout the world.


+24.000 mq

Factory area

+45 Mio

2019 Turnover





+10 MLN

Fittings sold in 2019


Eurotubi Europa has always made major investments in research and development with the goal of improving its production capacity with the implementation of the latest generation of machinery. All technological progress is the result of the synergy between management, the technical office, the innovation department, and specialized consultants.

The wide range of machines includes:

  • robotized islands able to manage the different phases of the process, from semi-finished to finished products, including laser marking and the insertion of O-rings.
  • work centres for custom packaging
  • automatic warehouses

The quality office is equipped with the most sophisticated inspection and testing machinery.

The information system infrastructure is also cutting-edge, both in terms of hardware and software, and is continuously monitored and updated by the staff of the IT office.


At Eurotubi Europa, we are convinced that the steel pressfitting system is the most reliable solution for plumbing and heating systems and that it has great possibilities for market penetration, especially in certain regions where it is not used as much due to resistance by installers who are reluctant to abandon traditional techniques such as soldering and threading.
Therefore, our mission is to promote awareness of pressfittings in the HVAC industry, with specific interventions at several levels:

  • Company training courses aimed at retailers and installers.
  • Remote support through video conferences with a dedicated digital platform.
  • Interventions at higher technical and professional institutions covering thermo-technical topics, with practical lessons, the supply of material for exercises, and hosting students for educational internships.
  • Creation and publication of video tutorials.
  • Preparation of a monthly newsletter with in-depth technical information and updates on the pressfitting world.

Ecology is a priority at Eurotubi Europa, which adopts strict environmentally responsible practices.

  • All waste is carefully separated, and production waste is entirely recycled.
  • Latest generation light sources are installed at the company to obtain maximum energy savings.
  • All packaging and packing products (bags, boxes, pallets) are made of recyclable materials.
  • Process fluids are disposed of according to legislation, with certified companies.

Quality first and foremost, in every aspect. If Eurotubi Europa acquires new customers and increases its revenue every year, it is because the quality of its products is recognized along with the reliability of the company. Punctual deliveries, quick and efficient management of returns, technical and sales support…. are all elements that create customer loyalty and the company’s good reputation on the market.

Since 1997, the Eurotubi Europa quality system is ISO 9001 certified.

Another prestigious recognition is the Prime Company maximum reliability certification from CRIBIS, a well-known organization specializing in scoring and business information.

La nostra storia

Why choose Eurotubi?

International Competence

Eurotubi is oriented towards exporting with solid experience in international relations and good knowledge of the world pressfitting market.


Large warehouse, quick deliveries, quality control, returns policy, computerized management, work order customization… are all elements that lead to full customer satisfaction..

Costumer care

Eurotubi Europa is an attentive partner to the customer’s needs: the Sales Office offers complete pre and post-sales support; the Technical Office makes its experience available with refresher courses and consulting; and the Communication Office periodically sends a newsletter with updates from the Eurotubi world and the world of pressfittings in general.

Quality - price

Eurotubi offers products that are absolutely comparable to those of the world’s most renowned manufacturers, but at much more competitive prices. This is the key factor behind the company’s commercial success. The reduced management costs and the choice to only serve large distributors limits management costs and optimizes margins. Once someone tries Eurotubi, it is hard to get them to change suppliers, so almost all customers become loyal ones!

Made in Italy

Eurotubi pressfittings are made entirely in its facility, while some processes are entrusted to nearby suppliers. Complete autonomy in the production process is a further guarantee of reliability.