Pipes without gripes

Pressfitting technology with steel pipes and fittings is the most reliable and advantageous solutions for installing plumbing and heating systems that are long-lasting, without the need for maintenance.

The Eurotubi pressfitting system is the STAINLESS steel and CARBON steel system of pipes and fittings (in both “M” and “V” profiles) that is ideal for many civil and industrial applications, with pressures up to 16 bars.

AISI 316L Stainless steelAISI 316L Stainless steel

Maximum hygiene for the distribution of potable water and for high performance systems.

AISI 316L Stainless steel GAS

The line specifically for gas systems in compliance with the strictest international standards.

CARBON steel

The perfect compromise between quality and convenience, where the use of stainless steel is not absolutely necessary.


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International Certifications

The Eurotubi Pressfitting System is certified in compliance with the strictest international certifications.

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The MILAN CATHEDRAL made in pressfitting!

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