AISI 316L Stainless steel – GAS

Eurotubi Pressfitting System - Acciaio Inox AISI 3016L GAS

Maximum safety.

The absolute hermetic seal of the joints is an essential requirement for a gas distribution system. Eurotubi Pressfitting GAS is the line of fittings specifically for this application. It offers the highest seal indices and is certified according to German DVGW G 5614 technical specifications.

  • Line of fittings with M profile, from 15mm to 108mm in diameter.
  • Suitable for all types of combustible natural or liquid gases included in the DVGW G260 reference standard.
  • O-ring in yellow NBR, resistant to wear.
  • Missed pressing indicator (sleeve) yellow in colour for diameters from 15mm to 54 mm.
  • Each fitting has a yellow ink marking or a yellow anti-tampering tag with the certification mark PN5/GT5.
  • Each fitting with weldings is subject to testing according to DVGW G 5614 specifications.
  • Each fitting has laser marking customized according to the customer’s specifications, with traceability code.
  • Maximum pressure: 5 bar
  • Minimum and maximum temperature: -20 /+70 °C


Eurotubi Pressfitting System - Acciaio inox AISI 316L GAS

Each country is regulated by specific standards, which must be adhered to.

In Italy, gas systems are subject to the following laws:

  • Ministry Decree 12/04/1996 for systems with a total heat capacity greater than 35 KW.
  • UNI 7129 for gas systems for domestic use with individual appliances with less than 35 KW.
  • UNI 11147 for determination of the product characteristics of pressfittings in gas applications.