For “World Water Day”, on March 22 the “United Nations World Water Development Report 2020” was published. Here is a summary of the problems and possible actions to be taken regarding conserving water resources, with a specific focus on how the choice of pressfittings and piping can lead to water savings and greater hygiene.


According to Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of UNESCO, four billion people are currently suffering from water scarcity at least one month out of a year. Global warming becomes increasingly evident, year after year. Water should not become another problem for our planet but must be considered an active part of the solution to restore our ecosystem.


How to fight water scarcity even with the right choice of plumbing systems


With the help of water, we can support adaptation to climate change, including through new operating methods such as conservative farming and the use of biomass. Adequate wastewater treatment, for example, may help reduce atmospheric gas emissions and produce renewable energy through biogas plants.


The Italian Government and especially the Umbria Region have closely collaborated with UNESCO to draft the 2020 edition of the United Nations World Water Development Report.


The report considers the challenges and opportunities and identifies potential responses to climate change. These issues are addressed in a way that identifies the most critical actions for adaptation, damage mitigation, and ecosystem improvement, compared to the unknowns dictated by a rapidly changing environment.

Concerning water, the main actions to be taken relate to how water resources should be managed and used, at the same time providing new sustainable approaches to its supply.


Water resources, drinking water and human health



Water resources, water potability and human health


Everyone should have the right to have access to water that is perfectly potable and free of pollutants. Unfortunately, climate change threatens this possibility every day. Not only droughts and floods, but also neglect, wars, and sabotage can jeopardize the water supply.

The use of resistant distribution systems able to maintain the water’s hygienic properties, from the source to the faucet, is part of the action to be taken to safeguard potable water and human health.



Water, energy resources, and industry


Climate change also puts industry and energy production at risk, causing damage to facilities and equipment and counteracting the supply of raw materials.

Hydroelectric energy remains an important energy source for our planet. However, it must be optimized in order to avoid wasting precious potable water.

In the future, more technologies based on renewable energy with low carbon emissions will be implemented, such as wind power, photovoltaics, and heating/cooling using solar panels.


For industries, the over-exploitation of water resources that has occurred to date is one of the main factors driving the search for new technologies for reuse and greater efficiency in the use of water. Thanks to these innovations, facilities could have more control in their daily operations, using, for example, wash water from alternative sources such as desalinated or purified water.


For some processes that do not include a high degree of hygiene and water purity, untreated or partially treated wastewater can also be reused. Thanks to their use, we can reduce the amount of energy intended for extracting water and its treatment. We can also limit the energy used to transport it, in cases where wastewater is reused near the industrial site.

The biogas produced by wastewater treatment processes may be recovered and used to supply the treatment plant itself, further improving energy savings.


Waste water reuse for industries

Pressfitting and technological innovations for potable water


Among the various solutions to be put in place to optimize water flow, we also find some of the best technologies available for the creation of plumbing and heating systems, such as the system of pressfittings and pipes in AISI 316L stainless steel.


Pressfittings offer several advantages and the strength and longevity of stainless steel guarantee several years of service, without the need for maintenance.


Eurotubi Press Fitting System in Stainless Steel for drinking water


Thanks to the exclusive coloured sleeve + leaking O-ring dual technology, the Eurotubi pressfitting system makes unpressed fittings visible during system installation and the subsequent pressure test.


Pressfitting System Sleeve and Leak before press o-ring

The sleeve film, in fact, tears and falls when the fitting is pressed and the exclusive Eurotubi LBP – Leaking before press system makes any unpressed fittings visibly leak during the pressure test.


From the hygiene point of view, the AISI 316L stainless steel in Eurotubi pressfittings is one of the best materials for the distribution of potable water since it can prevent the development of a layer of biofilm, which is the ideal environment for the formation and feeding of viruses and bacteria.

Prevent biofilm formation to avoid virus and bacteria


Big data for safeguarding water resources


Artificial intelligence, computerized information management, and research and development are crucial technological implementations, but their use must not be limited to only the “rich” regions of the planet. It is equally important to ensure that these innovations are also available in the poorest countries and regions.


Developments in data acquisition have been facilitated by high-speed Internet networks with global coverage, as well as cloud computing and the enhancement of virtual storage capacity.


Plumbing pipelines and Building Automation


These technologies can help obtain more data, processing the collection of continuous flows of information regarding water in order to extract useful reports and in-depth information that can be used to manage water resources more effectively.


New technologies and the reasoned implementation of existing ones can ensure that the future of the planet and drinking water is increasingly positive. It is possible to save water, starting with the choice of fittings and pipes, like stainless steel pressfittings, which are efficient and respect the environment.

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